April 2017

The right light creates atmosphere

Never compromise on lighting within your bathroom. Correct lighting determines, whether the room provides you with a sense of wellness whilst at the same time gives you adequate illumination for performing your bathroom specific tasks.

The Danish design company, Dansani, have in recent years been working full-heartedly on a perfect all-around solution, when it comes to lighting in the bathroom. With incandescent light bulbs having been phased out many possibilities open up, but also many challenges and sometimes compromises. Dansani’s solution to this challenge is however not a compromise, but offers some of the very best that can be produced with LED technology.

The solutions, include ceiling lights, pendants, wall lights as well as lighting in mirrors, mirror cabinets and vanity units with light including indirect lighting in cabinets and drawers. All options have one thing in common: They present some of the best colour renderings, the market has to offer – whilst at the same time assist in creating the right balance between wellness and task lighting.

Indirect lighting gives wellness

The bathroom is the room, we generally use first thing in the morning as well as just before bedtime in the evening. So the correct lighting bears great importance on our well-being. Rasmus Kjær, product development manager of Dansani, highlights that incorrect lighting will disturb the brain’s production of sleep hormones during the evening, whilst at the same time correct illumination is meant to assist in gently waking us up in the morning.

That is why Dansani’s solutions offer a variety of indirect lighting, which ensures that what you are glancing at is well illuminated without light shining directly into your eyes. For example, cabinets can be provided with a vertical integrated light, which ensures illumination of every shelf, yet at the same time is fitted opposite the position of the hinges. When you open the cabinet, your position will be opposite the hinges and will therefore not get unpleasant light directly into your eyes.

Spot the details

The indirect lighting that Dansani combines with mirrors fitted with an integrated light-frame or ceiling spots provides optimal task lighting for applying make-up or shaving etc. that reveal the things we would rather see ourselves before others do.

- All our LED-lighting have some of the market’s best colour rendering achievable, because make-up should be the same tone in front of the mirror as it is in broad daylight. For the same reason we have chosen a white light, but rendered in a warm tone, which ensures the experience of wellness with no compromise to task illumination, Rasmus Kjær explains.

At the same time Dansani provide numerous options and possibilities for ambient lighting within you particular room.

- If you have a good mirror, correct ambient lighting is equally important as well. Too much contrast will result in your pupils having to work to shrink and dilate, and apart from this being strenuous, it will also make it easier to miss some of the finer details. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the room is well lit by a comfortable light, Rasmus Kjær explains.

Facts about Dansanis lights

Dansani use LED in all lighting solutions to guarantee energy efficient as well as long lifespan illumination. All LED-sources are set at 90 Ra, and ensures our solutions fall within the very best possible within the market for true colour rendering. With a temperature of 3,150 K the light is white, but still has a warm tone, which ensures the experience of wellness.

All Dansanis electrical components and products are IP44-approved and thereby comply to the requirements for electrical installations in bathrooms. This provides great flexibility in relation to furnishing close to the bath or shower, and is therefore a great advantage in small rooms.